Playlist: A Year in My Spotify Life

We can all agree 2016 has been a mess of a year.
I won't even go into the 2,000 page description of how messy 2016 has been.
2016 really has been that auntie no one in your family like who always forgets your birthday.
On the bright side, Spotify always does some cute playlist shenanigans at the end of every year and I really love this "Your Top Songs" compilation. It's so accurate (obviously) and so nice to reminisce back on the songs that got me through this 365 dooms day attack.
Leave a link your Spotify 2016 playlist below so I can branch out, because obviously my year was filled with Drake, The Gaslight Anthem, Kanye, and Sam Cooke (basically Rap, More Rap Alternative, and Soul).

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