The Lumineers & Friends

I know the Grammy's were last week or last last week maybe?? 
Time flies during Black History I right!
But honestly, I realized that The Lumineers' Cleopatra was not nominated and it was definitely the greatest Alternative Album of 2016!! As we know....the Grammy's or any award show is not always a reflection of what's "award worthy", but rather just those elites who paid their dues getting to filter and choose who's it this time around. 
Yes! I am comparing the Grammy's and Oscar's to a capitalist version of Duck, Duck, Goose.
Regardless, Cleopatra is definitely Top 25 of the best Alternative albums of my time.
Right up there with Third Eye Blind's self-titled album.
So I sat down and put together all of my favorite Lumineers' songs (of the moment), alongside some other great Alternative-ish tunes that came to mind while listening to Gun Song on repeat for a week straight.
I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do! If you make themed playlists on Spotify or Soundcloud let me know so I can check them out!

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