Which Albums are Getting You Through this Summer?

For most students my age summer is a nice break from the horrors of school and it's full of friends, family, and vacations. In my case, summer is just three months of hard work! Between working two jobs and six credit hours of summer classes, the only other thing I have time for is internet browsing. So instead of going out with friends and playing volleyball on the beach, I stay constantly busy and music becomes my closest companion.
So many great albums have dropped this summer including: Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence, Taking Back Sunday's Happiness Is, Modern Baseball's You're Gonna Miss It All, The Orwell's Disgraceland, Bleacher's I Wanna Get Better single, and my girl J Lo's I Luh Ya Papi single (if you can't already tell my music taste is incredibly varied)!
This summer I've been jamming to all the new music, well the new music actually worth listening to, but I've also resurfaced some older albums into my summer jams, such as: Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap, Fergie's The Dutchess, Modest Mouse's (my favorite band of all time) No One's First and You're Next, Against Me!'s New Wave, The 1975's debut album, and Wild Belle's Isles.
 Alternative is by far my favorite genre of music, but I find it relaxing to add variety to my music taste. Sometimes I love to turn on some Modest Mouse and think about the world, other times I enjoy Lana making me sad, and sometimes I just want to turn on some rap music as loud as I can and attempt to twerk in the privacy of my room. Either way music is an important part of life and you get a glimpse into who a person is by the music they love.
Leave some comments below of the music that's been getting you through summer.

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